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Call for 2015 Speakers

Call for 2015 Speakers


2015 TEDxPeachtree Theme_RippleIn an interconnected and ever-complicated world, grand actions aren’t the only ones that bring about change. Often, seemingly small or insignificant decisions and actions trigger chains of events that eventually lead to impact; sometimes positive and other times not.


At TEDxPeachtree 2105 in November, we will spend the day exploring our greatest challenges through the eyes of the region’s greatest thinkers, doers and artists. We’re in search of ideas addressing our greatest challenges here in Georgia and beyond and want to hear from thinkers and doers, artists and artisans of all ages, ethnicity, creed and culture.


The flagship TEDxPeachtree conference is an immersive, day-long experience celebrating innovation and human ingenuity. Past speakers have been featured on media outlets such as HLNtv, and Atlanta Tech Edge. Talks by three TEDxPeachtree speakers have been featured on the home page of garnering millions of views from the TED community collectively. Additionally, 2012 speaker and popular street artist Evereman was one of nine global TEDx artists selected to be featured on the Google Cultural Institute website.


Nominations are being accepted online at until June.

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Illuminating Global Healthcare Solutions: 50 Cent Microscopes to Save Millions of Lives

Illuminating Global Healthcare Solutions: 50 Cent Microscopes to Save Millions of Lives

Accurate and prompt diagnosis of diseases including malaria, giardiasis, African sleeping sickness, and chagas is critical if we are to reduce the millions of deaths per year that these illnesses cause. The most essential piece of equipment to illuminate rapid diagnosis is the microscope.

Two little boys doing biochemistry research at the lab. Isolated

First introduced in 1800, it hasn’t changed much since then, it’s still heavy, awkward, clunky, difficult to transport, expensive, and requires training to use. It’s a piece of equipment that is clearly not well suited to work in developing countries with limited budgets and rough working conditions.

Two of physicist Manu Prakash’s students in his Stanford University research lab took on the challenge. They developed a paper-based foldable microscope that costs just 50 cents. Perhaps even more amazing is that it is infinitely more durable than a traditional microscope. And they took it even further, developing more than one kind to provide access to multiple lens types for a variety of diagnoses. Their engineering ingenuity illuminates lifesaving opportunities for millions of people worldwide, for mere pennies.

They didn’t stop there. The students produced this with no written instructions to circumvent language barriers and instead used simple color coding to illustrate how to put it together. The microscope accepts standard slides just as any other microscope would.

Instead of a box, or crate if several traditional microscopes were being shipped, the read to assemble punch out microscopes can be delivered in an envelope or a mere file folder, and no complex use instructions are necessary. At the time of his TEDtalk, June 2012, they were going to press with thousands for the first time to use in trials around the world, astounding, ingenious, and lifesaving all for a price less than a cup of coffee.

Watch Manu Prakash’s talk below to hear about this life-saving creation.


Melissa Galt_072213_0429



A success strategist, speaker, and author, Melissa Galt inspires, leads, and coaches entrepreneurs into achieving outrageous success and building an awesome life.



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How to Host a TEDxPT Party…or Simply Watch From Afar

It’s here. You’ve waited all year for this day. You’ve followed the speakers’ Twitter and Facebook feeds, Googled them, checked Wikipedia, and maybe even followed them on Instagram. These educated experts will be speaking with passion and insight into their areas of focus, ready and willing to share their ideas.

There is only one problem…you can’t attend the event in person. Your dream of applauding your favorite presenter after he or she finishes speaking seems out of reach now.

But, wait, our creative team has a solution! Thanks to technology, you can watch live, right along with the audience inside of the Buckhead Theatre on October 17. Check out the TEDxPeachtree Live Cast which will be streaming the talks live beginning at 9:00 AM EST.

But, why stop at watching by yourself. Consider shining the light on local talent in Atlanta and illuminating new ideas by throwing a TEDx Peachtree Viewing Party. We thought we’d make a step-by-step guide to get you pumped for the big day.

  • Invite some friends to watch with you.

Atlanta does community really, really well; we know you have lots of awesome friends and neighbors in your community. What a great way to engage co-workers, neighbors, and friends this Friday, by inviting them to take part in 6th annual TEDx Peachtree event.

  • Prepare yourself for making October 17th a Brain Gain Day!

If you haven’t already checked out our speakers, now’s your chance. And then share the speaker spotlight blog posts below with your friends!

Shannon Zirbel            HeaveN Beatbox            Christopher Erk

Erico Mattos                 Melody Jackson             Abby Norman

Adam Marcus               Thad Starner                   Genna Duberstein

Chantelle Rytter           Keith McGreggor           Derek Fridman

Ion Popian 

  • Get comfortable and grab a pen. Or an iPad.

Put on a pot of tea, grab a cup of joe and your favorite pen or device. With so many new ideas, talent, products and solutions, we know you’ll want to take notes.

  • Ready. Set. Go!

It’s time! Set your alarm to 9:00 AM and then click the lovely link provided HERE!

  • Shout out!

Our social media team (and the rest of the world!) can’t wait to hear from you during the event. So make sure that you don’t forget to hashtag your photos, tweets, and posts with #TEDxPT and tag us @tedxpeachtree.


10346225_604704979992_4533583507906774147_nDeborah Lubbe is the Institute and Evaluation Program Coordinator for Wellspring Living in Atlanta, Georgia. Deborah has worked with several social enterprises and nonprofits in both the US and India. Her heart is to identify needs and cultivate effective and manageable solutions for both organizations and individuals. She lives in Smyrna with her husband and likes food truck Tuesdays, organized closets, French press coffee, and her 110 lb Old English Mastiff Oliver.


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Artist Spotlight: Chris Erk

Chris Erk is a dancer whose feet speak volumes. He not only performs, but also illuminates students’ lives so that they too can experience the beauty of dance. We at TEDxPeachtree are extremely proud to showcase his talents this year. Please come see for yourself on October 17th!


Is this your first time performing at a TEDx event? What are your thoughts on presenting on October 17th?

This is my first time speaking at a TEDx. First and foremost, I have to say that it is an honor to be able to share the passion for my work amongst the esteemed TEDx community. I look forward to the enrichment that will come from this experience.

At the end of the day, what is it about your work that keeps you going?

What keeps me going in my work is the fact that I can take it anywhere. Although I am in the arts, what I find to be most valuable, are elements that can be shared across any field of interest.

What is your passion?

I am passionate about teaching. I love equal exchange of insight that is shared amongst a student and a teacher. These roles are one and the same.

What keeps you centered in this crazy world?

What keeps me centered is the understanding that each and everyone of us are on a similar journey of the unknown. Whenever things get complicated, I resign to the fact that I am not alone in my efforts towards deeper understandings.

What is one place you’ve visited that you’ll never forget?

One place that I have visited that I will never forget is the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. I remember in the first 10 minutes of the tour the guide cautioned us to save our film because it was going to be a long journey of amazing scenery. Every corner turned offered an image more magnificent than before.

What is your motto?

Action speaks.

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