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Strangeness Illuminates Our Humanity and Creates Opportunity

Maria Bezaitis opens her 2013 TED@Intel Talk with this question, “Are we getting our fair share of strangeness?” When we consider boundaries rather than assuming rigidity, we can become more flexible in our understanding of others, and ourselves creating freedom for growth and illumination. But often, it is fear that keeps us from approaching what […]

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Treasured Relationships

Editor’s Note: Volunteers make up the engine that makes TEDxPeachtree go every year. This post is from Grace Liao who attended TEDxPeachtree 2012 and decided to join the all-volunteer planning team for TEDxPeachtree 2013.  =========================================================== As a volunteer for the 2013 TEDxPeachtree event, I certainly understand the importance of speakers, sponsors, and volunteers. However, the […]

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