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Where Are They Now? Kerry Ressler Is a Fear Chaser.

Kerry Ressler graced the TEDxPeachtree stage in 2012. You may remember his illuminating talk on the neuroscience of emotions, particularly fear, and the possibilities of transcending into new possibilities. Where is Kerry now? According to a recent article by the Emory Medicine Magazine, Kerry continues on the front lines of fear-disorder research. In his work […]

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Rethink Changing the World and Illuminate Generosity

I have spent many work days and late nights dreaming of how I might leave my mark on the world — maybe ending disease, creating a profound work of art, or starting the next great social movement. Whatever it is, my daydreams are always grandiose and complex. Jeff Shinabarger of Plywood People has different daydreams about […]

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Why You Will Fail

You will fail, not because of what you will choose to do, but because of what you will choose not to do. The time we live in now calls heavily on the need to draw on inspiration to achieve our minds’ idea of greatness. Yet, as University of Waterloo’s Professor of Economics Larry Smith brilliantly argues in a talk […]

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