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Video Archives 2014 – 2009.


Christopher Clark

Why listen to the ocean?

Atlanta Celli

Opening performance

Steven M. Platek

Psychology is wrong?

Animesh Koratana

Recreating fluid intelligence

Barbara O. Rothbaum

Influence of VR on behavior

Full Radius Dance

Performance interlude

Rohit Malhotra

Restoring trust in government

Moe Carrick

Workplaces fit for humans

Anneliese Singh

Let's talk about gender

Secondhand Swagger

Performance interlude

Eloisa Klementich

Govern like an entrepreneur.

Jim Beasley

Humans and Chernobyl

Peter Maeck

A unique poem on depression

Brett Trapp

When we don't love enough

Kathleen Baumgardner

A space that inspires

Beth Malone

On artist interventions

Heval Mohamed Kelli

Refugee, dishwasher, cardiologist



Chris McCord

We can be heroes

Richard Wright

A world without cash

Jenay Beer

Retirees' best friend

Eric Dozier

Uniting the world

Jennice Vilhauer

Why you don't get what you want.

Theresa Davis

Like, Like

Jill Perry-Smith

Keys to unlocking creativity

Galo Alfredo Naranjo

Moving with purpose

Andrea Thomaz

Next frontier in robotics

Jordan Amadio

Startups for your brains

Alistair Dove

The Ocean: our little known friend

Glenn "Daddy-O" Bolton

Winning in life

M. Ayodele Heath

Genealogy of the Byrd family

Kirk Bowman

We don't need another new non-profit

Brian Magerko

Magic of music

Arrested Development

2015 Finale

HeaveN Beatbox/the Atlanta Celli

When beatbox meets classical