Are you a TED Talks and TEDx aficionado? Do you sneak in lightning-round TEDx videos when you have spare moments at work? Do you watch back-to-back TED Talks on YouTube hours after you should have gone to bed?

Are you saying yes, but despite your TEDx love, you can’t make it to the sold-out TEDxPeachtree show this year?

It’s okay, TEDxPT Enthusiast. We hear you (heck, sometimes we are you), and we will use technology to rescue you from this dire plight!

You can watch all the action live, right along with the Rialto Center audience on October 6. Check out the TEDxPeachtree Live Cast which will be streaming the talks, beginning at 9:00 AM EST.

But no need to watch by yourself — share the inspiring and illuminating ideas with others by throwing a TEDx Peachtree Viewing Party!

Here’s a handy step-by-step guide:

  • Invite some friends to watch with you.

Atlanta is all about community, and this is a great way to shine a spotlight on community members we should all be highlighting. Not from Atlanta but love what we’re doing? Then a watch party is for you! Help us give a larger voice to these great ideas. Engage with coworkers, friends, neighbors or family by inviting them to join you!

  • Prepare yourself for making October 6th a Brain Gain Day!

If you haven’t already checked out our speakers, now’s your chance. Go beyond the bio to learn more about what makes our speakers tick with our speaker spotlight blog posts, and share with your friends!

  • Get comfortable and grab a pen. Or an iPad.

Put on a pot of tea, grab a cup of joe and your favorite pen or device. With so many new ideas, talent, products and solutions, we know you’ll want to take notes.

  • Make sure you’re connected.

And we mean really connected. Most wifi can’t keep up with the amazing ideas streaming from our stage, so we recommend plugging directly into an Ethernet port.

  • Ready. Set. Go!

It’s time! Set your alarm to 9:00 AM and then click the lovely link provided HERE!

  • Shout out!

Our social media team (and the rest of the world!) can’t wait to hear from you during the event. We’re even going to share the viewing party photos with our onsite audience between sessions — you could be famous! So make sure that you don’t forget to hashtag your photos, tweets, and posts with #TEDxPT and tag us @tedxpeachtree!

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