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Illuminating Conflict and Healing: The Power of Cartoons

Illuminating Conflict and Healing: The Power of Cartoons

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Patrick Chappatte is not your ordinary cartoonist. Instead the 2010 TED presenter is tasked with reporting on global events through his creation of cartoons. A journalist and global traveler, he generates conversation with cartoons.

Patrick has seen cartoons used as weapons and for wellbeing, to depict wealth and poverty, to illustrate love and hate. He himself leverages humor and the impact of images to address serious issues.

At a time of extreme conflict in the Ivory Coast, Patrick brought together cartoonists from all sides over three days. He was effective in having them tell the story in their own cartoons regardless of what side they were on.

On day one, many were shouting at each another. But their common ground of being cartoonists unified in their mission to illustrate the issues, created an opportunity for understanding, if not actual reconciliation. Patrick has repeated this process in Lebanon, West Africa, and Gaza.

Humor illuminates the opportunity to take a fresh look at old issues and opens a window of understanding.

Watch Patrick’s illuminating TED Talk from July 2010 about how connection happens through laughter.

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Speaker Spotlight: Ion Popian

Speaker Spotlight: Ion Popian

Art has always played a part in Ion Popian‘s life. And as a TEDxPeachtree 2014 speaker, he will bring his artful presentation to the stage at the Buckhead Theatre on October 17th. 

This year’s theme is “illuminate.” What does “illuminate” mean to you? What has been the illumination in your work that has brought you here today?

In this case, “illuminate” is definitely not taken in a literal sense, it is taken to mean an epiphany, or a new creative discovery that enhances the creative process. It is a new mode of “making.” Humans use tools as ways to articulate their ideas into the physical world and each tool is an illumination, a way to bring to light a final product through a sequential process.

mentalfabrications___LANDSCAPESAt the end of the day, what is it about your work that keeps you going? 

It’s seeing ideas you had and the unproven questions you answered in your own mind become reality. The sharing of the project with others in the form of art openings, shows, installations and the people there being completely confused about the spoken description and in disbelief when they experience it and see its end result.


What keeps you centered in this crazy world?

Being myself, motivation and being centered comes from yourself. It’s an internal force not an exterior one. The world is the byproduct of individual decisions and a reflection of a collective mindset.

What is one place you’ve visited that you’ll never forget?

As of now I have lived on three continents, and each has presented its own unforgettable experience. Europe for its historical and cultural aspect. Australia for its natural beauty, and America for its respect of the human fabric, its creative freedoms, and optimism.

What is your motto?

“Simplicity is complicated.” To achieve a simple streamlined idea, concept, or project is so difficult. The more you work on a project the more you can get lost down a rabbit hole of semantics and nuances. To create a project that has an innocence and freshness of idea that is maintained requires allot of focus and an expanded view of your idea.

What are three words to best describe you?

Inventive. Kind. Determined.


You’re not going to want to miss the art that Ian will create at this event. Come be a part of the process and get your ticket to TEDxPeachtree 2014!



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Speaker Spotlight: Genna Duberstein

Speaker Spotlight: Genna Duberstein

Genna Duberstein, lead multimedia producer for heliophysics at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, brings art and science together and has been doing commissioned artwork since she was 12 years old. This October, Genna will be speaking at TEDxPeachtree.

Is this your first time speaking at a TEDx event? What are your thoughts on presenting on October 17th?

Yes, this will be my first TEDx event. I’m very excited and honored to be a part of such an amazing group of speakers.

This year’s theme is “illuminate.” What does “illuminate” mean to you?

To me, illumination means finding a new way of understanding. In the most literal sense, my work with the sun is all about illumination. This is not only because the sun is the ultimate illuminating source, but also because my project invites the viewer to experience our very own star in a new way.

Genna Duberstein

Genna Duberstein

At the end of the day, what is it about your work that keeps you going?

I like that science media is mostly happy news. It’s about how we are solving problems and making the world a better place. I like helping people have access to that.

What is your passion?

I love storytelling. I love doing the research and interviews, and deciding what medium is most appropriate for the story. I enjoy the challenge of synthesizing all of that into something someone else can experience.

What is one place you’ve visited that you’ll never forget?

It’s hard to pick just one place!

The Redwood National Park: It is very humbling to walk among living things that are hundreds of years old and over 300 feet high. When you are surrounded in the center of what appears to be circle of trees, it’s actually one tree with a shared root system underground. If you keep that in mind and look up, it’s like standing in the palm of a giant.

Which talent would you most like to have?

I’d love to be bilingual. I enjoy learning languages, and I can stumble through reading in a number of alphabets, but I still only feel in English.

What is your motto?

“If not now, when?”


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