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Capturing the Unseen and Clarifying the Misrepresented @ TEDSalon Berlin


On June 23rd, 2014 the city of Berlin proudly hosted the first official TED event in Germany. With support from the local TEDxBerlin team, 15 speakers and performers came together for TEDSalon Berlin, held at the historic Admiralspalast.

The event opened with Christopher Kippenberger’s “beautiful and haunting” scenes of the city, filmed using camera-equipped drones. The video showcased the abilities of Sergei Lupashin’s Fotokite, re-introducing familiar Berlin monuments from perspectives never previously captured on film. Erica Hagen shared the story of Kibera, a town of more than 250,000 in Africa who remained uncaptured on any map until young residents came together to create Map Kibera and a voice for the community. Self-proclaimed Ignorance Fighters, Hans and Ola Rosling challenged attendees’ notions on “development” and “poverty.” Through the Gapminder Foundation, the father and son team aim to unveil the “beauty of statistics” in order for the public to see a more accurate representation of society.

Arguably the most memorable and popular talk was Simon Anholt’s discussion on his project, The Good Country Index. Fitting for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall that had divided Berlin, Anholt discusses the walls we still attempt to put up between each other as nations. He asks us to rethink what we ask of politicians in order to solve the unaddressed problems of globalization and redefine what we think of as a good country. See Simon’s talk and which countries he has defined as the “goodest” below.

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Our own TEDxPeachtree Salon will be held on July 15, 2014. You can still get tickets to hear speakers including Scott Tanksley and Leng Leng Chancey. Come Watch Sparks Fly!

Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith is a Marketing Analyst and Consultant for companies such as The Coca-Cola Company and Intercontinental Hotels Group. She lives in Midtown where she loves to hang out with both the tech and art communities.

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Where Are They Now? Kerry Ressler Is a Fear Chaser.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 8.28.12 AM

Kerry Ressler graced the TEDxPeachtree stage in 2012. You may remember his illuminating talk on the neuroscience of emotions, particularly fear, and the possibilities of transcending into new possibilities.

Where is Kerry now? According to a recent article by the Emory Medicine Magazine, Kerry continues on the front lines of fear-disorder research. In his work at Grady Hospital, he is surveying the problem of inner city intergenerational violence. This endeavor, called the Grady Trauma Project, will bring new light to resiliency found in trauma survivors and potentially the means to serve those who have developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

We know almost 1/3 of people will at some point in their life have an anxiety disorder which includes PTSD. Kerry’s work may illuminate why some people naturally seem to cope with disaster, while others are overwhelmed with fear. Genes on the neurobiological level could have everything to do with resiliency and could then be passed on generationally. That would mean that fear is inheritable, and that may shed a new light on how we approach it. Kerry is passionate about helping cure and illuminate hope for those suffering now, so that their children won’t have to.

At TEDxPeachtree, we are grateful to have featured speakers like Kerry that continue to illuminate the possibilities for a better world. Watch his 2012 talk below to learn more about his work and stay tuned for more updates on past speakers throughout the summer.

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 Nia Baker has lived in Atlanta almost ten years, the longest she’s lived anywhere, and has worked in the nonprofit sector for the last five years, focusing on effective systems and creative communication. Nia enjoys Atlanta street art, french press coffee, and a really good adjective.

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Rethink Changing the World and Illuminate Generosity


I have spent many work days and late nights dreaming of how I might leave my mark on the world — maybe ending disease, creating a profound work of art, or starting the next great social movement. Whatever it is, my daydreams are always grandiose and complex. Jeff Shinabarger of Plywood People has different daydreams about changing the world, though, and I want to take a page from his book (literally, check it out here).

In Jeff’s TEDxPeachtree talk in 2013, he described what he sees as a practical way to change the world — give out of your excess.

He turns the idea of generosity on its head, and follows the same spirit as fellow TED veteran Chris Abani:

“The world is never saved in grand messianic gestures but in the simple accumulation of gentle, soft almost invisible acts of compassion.”

So go illuminate the world in your own quiet, profound way today — but first, learn from Jeff about how it can look below:

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Molly Heacock is the Community Relations Director at CARE for AIDS, an Atlanta based non-profit that works with men and women affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya. She lives in Ormewood Park with her husband and dog, and cannot get enough of TEDxPeachtree.

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