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Top Tweets of TEDxPeachtree 2014

Top Tweets of TEDxPeachtree 2014

While the speakers took to the stage, audience members took to social media to share their “Ah-ha” moments of TEDxPeachtree 2014. There were so many tweets with the #TEDxPT hashtag that it was a trending topic for the day. So…what were people sharing with their followers in the Twitterverse? Here are a few of the top tweets of TEDxPeachtree 2014:


@KarenRussell: Why I love #TEDxPT: an engineering doc student talking about origami as an inspiration for space exploration.

@juniabaker: An origami solar sail that is larger than Piedmont Park. Can you imagine? #TEDxPT

@GeekMomTLH: TEDx is a wonderful marriage of Alice in Wonderland to Revenge of the Nerds. Total coolness!#TEDxPT

@TEDxBirmingham: “Recognize the little bits of inspiration that will help us change the world.” Shannon Zirbel at @TEDxPeachtree. #TEDxPT

@Deborahschild: We have to find a solution to the wasted energy problem when we grow plants indoors! #ericomattos #TEDxPT

@Potusottis: Love seeing #women in #science #tech and #innovation at #TEDxPT

@sharkespearean: When a car breaks down, smoke is not the cause of the problem. We need to treat the cause. Same goes with cancer. @Notmadscientist #TEDxPT

@JimHoganConsult: E-N-E-R-G-Y with HeaveN Beatbox. The voice is so powerful. #TEDxPT

@Deborahschild: While the tech is amazing, it can also be scary. How will it be monetized? How will you keep up with your real life? #TEDxPT #derekfridman

@kelseykdaniels: “This is meaningful for people beyond rehab.” – Realization after teaching a grandpa how to play “Happy Birthday” for his grandson. #TEDxPT

@wendybritt: Abby Norman is talking about the wrong way HS dress codes are conveyed. Agreed. So wish my sons’ HS principal would hear this. #TEDxPT

@Deborahschild: We teach men that they are victims of their bodies when we say that they can’t help themselves or boys will be boys. #TEDxPT #abbynorman

@felfoldi: “I worried about my problems all the time, as if that extra mental effort would solve them.” – Genna Duberstein #TEDxPT

@elizaday: “Your creative play is a gift to your city.” ATL Chantelle Rytter lantern parade #TEDxPT

@Deborahschild: Civic play is happening in Atlanta and it’s making people fall in love with the city! #TEDxPT

@Notmadscientist: #tedxpt is the only place where a cancer researcher like myself and a beatboxer like @heavenbeatbox share the same stage

@hypepotamus:  Just heard a dog speak! #TEDxPT @TEDxPeachtree

@lady_gee20: I had an amazing time at #TEDxPT, this is not the end, i will continue to be illuminated until i touch the earth. Awesome #TEDxPT experience

@aklahaie: Inspirational day at #TEDxPT! Space travel & Origami, talking dogs & plants, beatboxing, tapdancing & more > #mindexpanded #ILLUMINATED

Were you illuminated by TEDxPeachtree 2014? Share your thoughts on Twitter or on our website at

M.PinkeltonPhotoMaria Pinkelton is the Communication Specialist for the Center for Leadership in Disability at Georgia State University. She lives in Decatur with her husband and son, along with a fine collection of books, craft beers and size 11 shoes.

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How to Host a TEDxPT Party…or Simply Watch From Afar

It’s here. You’ve waited all year for this day. You’ve followed the speakers’ Twitter and Facebook feeds, Googled them, checked Wikipedia, and maybe even followed them on Instagram. These educated experts will be speaking with passion and insight into their areas of focus, ready and willing to share their ideas.

There is only one problem…you can’t attend the event in person. Your dream of applauding your favorite presenter after he or she finishes speaking seems out of reach now.

But, wait, our creative team has a solution! Thanks to technology, you can watch live, right along with the audience inside of the Buckhead Theatre on October 17. Check out the TEDxPeachtree Live Cast which will be streaming the talks live beginning at 9:00 AM EST.

But, why stop at watching by yourself. Consider shining the light on local talent in Atlanta and illuminating new ideas by throwing a TEDx Peachtree Viewing Party. We thought we’d make a step-by-step guide to get you pumped for the big day.

  • Invite some friends to watch with you.

Atlanta does community really, really well; we know you have lots of awesome friends and neighbors in your community. What a great way to engage co-workers, neighbors, and friends this Friday, by inviting them to take part in 6th annual TEDx Peachtree event.

  • Prepare yourself for making October 17th a Brain Gain Day!

If you haven’t already checked out our speakers, now’s your chance. And then share the speaker spotlight blog posts below with your friends!

Shannon Zirbel            HeaveN Beatbox            Christopher Erk

Erico Mattos                 Melody Jackson             Abby Norman

Adam Marcus               Thad Starner                   Genna Duberstein

Chantelle Rytter           Keith McGreggor           Derek Fridman

Ion Popian 

  • Get comfortable and grab a pen. Or an iPad.

Put on a pot of tea, grab a cup of joe and your favorite pen or device. With so many new ideas, talent, products and solutions, we know you’ll want to take notes.

  • Ready. Set. Go!

It’s time! Set your alarm to 9:00 AM and then click the lovely link provided HERE!

  • Shout out!

Our social media team (and the rest of the world!) can’t wait to hear from you during the event. So make sure that you don’t forget to hashtag your photos, tweets, and posts with #TEDxPT and tag us @tedxpeachtree.


10346225_604704979992_4533583507906774147_nDeborah Lubbe is the Institute and Evaluation Program Coordinator for Wellspring Living in Atlanta, Georgia. Deborah has worked with several social enterprises and nonprofits in both the US and India. Her heart is to identify needs and cultivate effective and manageable solutions for both organizations and individuals. She lives in Smyrna with her husband and likes food truck Tuesdays, organized closets, French press coffee, and her 110 lb Old English Mastiff Oliver.


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From Around the World They Will Come – TEDGlobal 2014 South!

From Around the World They Will Come – TEDGlobal 2014 South!


What is a Techno-Sociologist? How far has photographer Jimmy Nelson (follow on Twitter) traveled to take pictures of vanishing native tribes?How can we shrink the vastness of the digital divide for people who cannot access technology due to economics or geography? These are just a few of the questions one might have after seeing the line up of leaders and pioneers for TEDGlobal 2014 South! in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This five day celebration showcases men and women who are making sure we preserve the past, changing how we resolve conflict, and who make art and dance look easy.

Audiences will be presented with twelve segments entitled Stories, Digital Reboot, Crossing Boarders, Field Work, Urban Canvas, Empowering Tech, Blueprints, Lenses, Basic Needs, Lateral Action, Mighty Spaces and Fighters. Each session’s theme embodies the talents and talks of the speakers presented in them. The internationally curated groups represent the dynamic talent from around the world who are changing our world.

Amazonian ethnobotanist Mark Plotkin’s work communicates the value plants native to the ever-disappearing rainforests for the medicinal world. The field of ethnobotany studies how cultures use and perceive plants as medicines, rituals and as other elements of daily living. Plotkin’s studies of native plant-based therapies and their application in fighting present day illnesses have made the medical community take notice of why the Amazon must be saved.

From the same part of the glove comes one of the most intriguing speakers of TEDGlobal 2014, Tashka Yawanawa (follow on Twitter). Chief of Brazil’s Yawanawa tribe who was raised in the tribes village and educated in the United States, he fights to preserve the past in the ever advancing present. His leadership and voice for Brazil’s native tribes has been missing in the conversation of securing the rich history of this South American country.

These men, along with 64 other artists, scientists, educators, researchers and visionaries, will gather together for one week to share their ideas. If you are unable to get your passport stamped and fly off to Rio, you can always soak up all of that amazing TED energy online. Get your fix and learn about the international TEDGlobal line up of speakers at the TEDGlobal’s speaker page

M.PinkeltonPhotoMaria Pinkelton is the Communication Specialist for the Center for Leadership in Disability at Georgia State University. She lives in Decatur with her husband and son, along with a fine collection of books, craft beers and size 11 shoes.

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Will You Find Catlanta’s Golden Lanterns?

Will You Find Catlanta’s Golden Lanterns?

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.29.58 AMOn Saturday, September 6th, Atlanta artist Catlanta created six “Cat Lanterns” and hid them around the Beltline Lantern Parade.  Those who found the lanterns Tweeted, Facebooked and Instragrammed pictures of themselves with the Cat Lantern and #TEDxPT for a chance to win two free tickets to the event. Well, it’s happening again!

On Friday 9/19 – Sunday 9/21 Catlanta will be hiding six new Cat Lanterns for people to find. Again, if you find one, Tweet, FB or Instagram a picture of yourself with the Cat with #TEDxPT for a chance to win two tickets to TEDxPeachtree.

We were able to ask Catlanta a few questions about why he does what he does!

When did you begin?  And what was the genesis of the creating, hiding and giving away your cats?

I somewhat accidentally began Catlanta during the snowstorm of 2011. Bored and off work, I illegally painted a few cats I had been doodling for years around the city with Catlanta written nearby. I saw that people were responding to the graffiti on social media outlets, and there that there was an opportunity to develop a character that the residents of Atlanta could both recognize and interact with. I wanted the full support of the city and was far from being a graffiti artist, so I quickly traded in the spray paint for a paintbrush and started creating works of art that people could find and take home using social networks.  The first time I left pieces of art around town, people quickly snatched them up, and I saw that there were people who appreciated this kind of art experience.

Our theme this year implies the discovery of something that was before unseen. Tell us about a pure unexpected change in your life that was the illumination of a revelation.

A few years ago when this project was just beginning, my car died and I was left without any form of transportation besides walking. Anyone who’s spent more than a layover at Hartsfield-Jackson knows that Atlanta isn’t very well-suited for the pedestrian, but I kept it up and spent hours walking to get to my destinations. Exploring Atlanta as a pedestrian completely changed my view of this city and helped me really fall in love with my environment. I’ve lived in or around Atlanta all my life, but had missed so much of the in-between using a car to get from one place to the next. I’m no longer solely a pedestrian, but that time has inspired my desire to continue to explore this city and everything it has to offer. I’ve since discovered nature preserves, historical sites, and abandoned properties that have been right in my backyard this whole time. Exploring your city in a new way can make your environment new and exciting all over again. No matter how long you’ve lived somewhere, there’s bound to be something you haven’t seen before.

At the end of the day, what is it about your work that keeps you going?  

The residents of Atlanta and beyond! If you can’t tell, I love this city and want to do my part to encourage folks to get out and explore where they live. I’ve gotten so much support and love from the people here that I feel like I gotta keep painting for them. I never set out to paint cats all the time, but I feel a sense of obligation to keep painting cats until everyone in the city who wants one, has one. I think I still have a ways to go…

Which talent would you most like to have?

The ability to cross everything off my daily to-do lists.

What is your motto?
Don’t be afraid to find your own path. Art is my number one passion, but there’s a lot of aspects, traditions, and standards upheld by the art world that I don’t support or want to conform to, so I choose not to. I may not have the same experiences as other artists, but finding my own way to reach people is so much more rewarding. Plus, I haven’t had to write an artist statement in years!

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