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Mary Frances BowleyMary Frances Bowley is the founder and president of Wellspring Living, an organization fighting sexual exploitation since 2001. Bowley has been acknowledged as a leading voice in America In the fight against


A southern native and kindergarten teacher, Bowley found herself working with marginalized women. As a result of this work, Mary Frances founded Wellspring Living in 2001 and she and volunteers began working with women who had been sexually abused or exploited as children. Wellspring Living provides survivors with a recovery home and safe house, an education program, and counseling.


Governor Sonny Perdue and the GA Care Connection identified Wellspring Living as a leader in addressing the issue of child exploitation. In 2010, then-Governor Perdue appointed Bowley to the State Commission on Family Violence. Governor Deal then reappointed her in 2012, as she was an integral part of the Commission. Bowley continues to work with federal law enforcement, speaks at events to raise awareness about the commercial sexual exploitation of children and lobbies legislators to pass legislation to protect children and women.


She is also the author of “A League of Dangerous Women,” a book that chronicles the true stories of women who have found new lives after living through troubled ones. Mary Frances most recently published the book, “The White Umbrella” and has recently ended her national book tour and awareness campaign.


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