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10 TED Talks Curated to Inspire Your Year

As you get into the thick of January and attempt to face the cold and keep the dreams for this year alive, here is a playlist curated by TED to help you refocus on your values and fan the flame of creativity. Highlights include a talk by Kelly McGonigal about how to make stress your friend. She will turn your fear of stress into a motivation to use it to your advantage. Verna Myers shares about walking boldly towards overcoming bias and embracing diversity. To finish the series, Andy Puddicombe encourages a mindful practice and how even just 10 minutes can change your outlook.

Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and engaged. Ready, go!




Nia_Baker_BioPicNia Baker has been thrilled to serve as the TEDxPeachtree Content Manager this year. Having roots in Atlanta almost ten years, she has worked in the nonprofit sector for the last five, focusing on effective systems and creative communication. She will complete her Masters in Professional Counseling and Trauma Specialization this spring and believes in the dignity of each experience. Nia enjoys running past Atlanta street art, steaming French press coffee, and a really effective adjective.



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Illuminating Global Healthcare Solutions: 50 Cent Microscopes to Save Millions of Lives

Accurate and prompt diagnosis of diseases including malaria, giardiasis, African sleeping sickness, and chagas is critical if we are to reduce the millions of deaths per year that these illnesses cause. The most essential piece of equipment to illuminate rapid diagnosis is the microscope.

Two little boys doing biochemistry research at the lab. Isolated

First introduced in 1800, it hasn’t changed much since then, it’s still heavy, awkward, clunky, difficult to transport, expensive, and requires training to use. It’s a piece of equipment that is clearly not well suited to work in developing countries with limited budgets and rough working conditions.

Two of physicist Manu Prakash’s students in his Stanford University research lab took on the challenge. They developed a paper-based foldable microscope that costs just 50 cents. Perhaps even more amazing is that it is infinitely more durable than a traditional microscope. And they took it even further, developing more than one kind to provide access to multiple lens types for a variety of diagnoses. Their engineering ingenuity illuminates lifesaving opportunities for millions of people worldwide, for mere pennies.

They didn’t stop there. The students produced this with no written instructions to circumvent language barriers and instead used simple color coding to illustrate how to put it together. The microscope accepts standard slides just as any other microscope would.

Instead of a box, or crate if several traditional microscopes were being shipped, the read to assemble punch out microscopes can be delivered in an envelope or a mere file folder, and no complex use instructions are necessary. At the time of his TEDtalk, June 2012, they were going to press with thousands for the first time to use in trials around the world, astounding, ingenious, and lifesaving all for a price less than a cup of coffee.

Watch Manu Prakash’s talk below to hear about this life-saving creation.


Melissa Galt_072213_0429



A success strategist, speaker, and author, Melissa Galt inspires, leads, and coaches entrepreneurs into achieving outrageous success and building an awesome life.



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Illuminating Conflict and Healing: The Power of Cartoons

cartoon problem

Patrick Chappatte is not your ordinary cartoonist. Instead the 2010 TED presenter is tasked with reporting on global events through his creation of cartoons. A journalist and global traveler, he generates conversation with cartoons.

Patrick has seen cartoons used as weapons and for wellbeing, to depict wealth and poverty, to illustrate love and hate. He himself leverages humor and the impact of images to address serious issues.

At a time of extreme conflict in the Ivory Coast, Patrick brought together cartoonists from all sides over three days. He was effective in having them tell the story in their own cartoons regardless of what side they were on.

On day one, many were shouting at each another. But their common ground of being cartoonists unified in their mission to illustrate the issues, created an opportunity for understanding, if not actual reconciliation. Patrick has repeated this process in Lebanon, West Africa, and Gaza.

Humor illuminates the opportunity to take a fresh look at old issues and opens a window of understanding.

Watch Patrick’s illuminating TED Talk from July 2010 about how connection happens through laughter.

It also happens through the spreading of ideas. Don’t miss the connections at TEDxPeachtree 2014! Get your ticket today!


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A success strategist, speaker, and author, Melissa Galt inspires, leads, and coaches entrepreneurs into achieving outrageous success and building an awesome life.



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Illuminating Salvation in the Soil


Rashid Nuri isn’t your typical Harvard grad. Instead of bargaining business mergers or presiding over a courtroom, he spends his 9-5 with his hands in the soil on Old Wheat Street in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward.

At TEDx Peachtree 2013, Rashid won over the crowd with his virtual tour of the future of urban farming. But crop rotations and urban agriculture are not the limit of Rashid’s influence. The first time I met Rashid was in 2011 when I was working with men and women experiencing homelessness downtown. I had taken a tour of his farm, Truly Living Well, and was impressed with not only the hope he had for urban farming, but the hope he had for his staff and interns.

Take a few moments to watch his talk from 2013 and stay tuned to learn how Rashid is helping formerly homeless men find salvation in the soil…

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