Dana Kanze


Dana Kanze is doctoral fellow at Columbia Business School. Broadly speaking, her research interests lie in applying behavioral insights to understand sources of inequality, operationalized as variations in funding, growth and survival outcomes for startups.

Prior to embarking upon her Ph.D., Dana co-founded and ran a venture-funded mobile technology startup. Dana’s experiences as a female entrepreneur and CEO inspired her to examine gender distinctions among founders and top management team members. She has embraced a mixed-methods approach to better understand the gender gap phenomenon, combining field studies that explore correlational relationships with controlled experiments that develop causal stories. Her work marries linguistic processing techniques with manual coding procedures to understand the social psychological mechanisms behind implicit bias within verbal and nonverbal data patterns.

Dana’s findings have been featured in The Academy of Management, The Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, BBC News, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Inc., TechCrunch and Quartz. Dana graduated magna cum laude from The Wharton School and began her career as an investment banker and strategic consultant with Citigroup and the Winterberry Group.

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