Mark Riedl 2013 TEDxPeachtree speakerLike the TED conference, speakers for TEDxPeachtree are curated based on the annual theme. Unlike other conferences, we curate ideas and not the presenter or the project.

Theme: Illuminate!

This year, the theme is Illuminate! and we are looking for ideas that shed light on otherwise little explored areas in science, education, social sciences, design and the arts. We are also curating inventions that leverage light.

Here’s a list of topics we are curating for:

electromagnetic radiation | prisms| sight | insight | the sun | optics | space| space travel | knowledge | learning | luminescence

About Presenting at TEDxPeachtree

Not your typical conference. TEDxPeachtree maintains high standards for our presenters. In keeping with rules set forth by TED, presenters are not permitted to “sell from the stage” i.e. plugging one’s company, organization or product is strictly prohibited. Additionally, in keeping with the “TED” tradition, there will be a strict enforcement of the time allowed each presenter.

Mandatory rehearsal. To ensure high production quality and a consistent audience experience, we require all presenters to submit their presentation ahead of time and to attend a rehearsal which takes place the day before the event.

Presenters stay the entire day of the event. Connecting with attendees who hail from a wide array of industries including design, education, technology, finance, academia, etc. is part of what makes the TEDxPeachtree experience so unique. Barring emergencies, we strongly encourage speakers to attend the entire event so that they may benefit from the catalyzing impact of the complete TEDx experience.

Presenters are not compensated. However, we’re committed to creating an experience that’s tremendously fulfilling and beneficial to all involved.

TEDxPeachtree talks are distributed online. An additional benefit of speaking at TEDxPeachtree is that your talk will be livecast on the day of the event to a worldwide audience. Each year, viewers tune in to the live stream from just about every continent except Antarctica! Also, talks are professionally produced in broadcast-quality video, distributed via YouTube and promoted to the global TED community.

Nominations for TEDxPeachtree 2014 are Closed

Nominations for this year's annual TEDxPeachtree is now closed. But we are always on the look out for ideas worth sharing. If you or someone you know has a worthy idea to share with the community, we want to hear from you. Please complete the nomination below to be added to the potential speaker pool.
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