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Sucheta Kamath Sucheta, an Executive Function specialist, is highly specialized in retraining those with brains that are sufficiently equipped with a keen intellectual ability but have a diagnosed or an unidentified Executive Dysfunction which causes internal disorganization of thoughts, ideas and implementation.

Many successful people have natural gifts that make them organized, proficient, effective and self-reliant. However, failure to focus, prioritize, plan, organize, manage time or see the big-picture can derail individuals off the path of independence and success. Underdeveloped or under-functioning prefrontal cortex in the brain causes Executive Function Disorder which is also known as “management disorder.” This is often mistaken for laziness. Sucheta has developed training methods and programs that are distinct, innovative and process specific; the scope of which permeates into successful problem solving and life-management. Sucheta, founder of www.cerebralmatters.com, is a trained Speech Language Pathologist and a Linguist with specialized training in Neurogenic Communication disorders.

As an expert in treating Executive Dysfunction, Sucheta is a sought out educator and a professional speaker. She is a recipient of the “Stephanie Macaluso Expertise in Clinical Practice Award” and the “Partners in Excellence Award” granted by the Massachusetts General Hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School for leadership and innovation.  Sucheta initially worked with individuals with various communication disorders including aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, spasmodic dysphonia and written language disorders. She now treats individuals with ADHD and those with right-hemisphere dysfunction resulting from concussions, TBIs, strokes and other neurological disorders. Sucheta works to implement her Think To Learn program to emphasize Executive Function learning in both academic and corporate settings.  These approaches and techniques are useful and essential for all individuals; not just those who have learning deficits.


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