Rialto Center for the Arts

Evereman (pronounced Every Man) is an urban landscape friendly street artist working in Atlanta, Ga. His work embraces the ephemeral quality of street art by not permanently adhering the work to any surface. Instead, Evereman uses magnets, hooks, gravity and more to hold his work in place.

Evereman is about sharing and giving – not taking. He’s about cooperation – not competition. Evereman is about collective community – not individualism. His main goal? To keep his art in circulation on the streets. If you come across an Evereman, enjoy that moment when you find yourself at a crossroads. One road leads to the status quo where you could take the piece home with you and have it as your own. The other road leads to a deeper thought process about ourselves and our society. Evereman hopes you’ll consider who may next see the piece and the pleasure it may bring them. Leave the piece for others or, if you take the artwork, relocate it for others to enjoy. The choice is yours.

As Woody Guthrie sang, “There’s a better world a come’n.” We can help usher in that better world with our daily choices. Everyone can participate in this art movement by keeping Evereman’s work living where it belongs – on the street. Evereman is art for all, and he believes seeing this easily recognizable image in public can help people feel less alone in our modern society.

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