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Banner Butter logo

Industrial scale butters are made with unripened cream and added “natural” flavoring. Banner Butter, a small-batch butter, is made with patiently-cultured cream from hormone-free, grass-fed cows with no added flavoring. We go big, but only in taste. Everything else is small, simple and slow.


Our company, Natural Motives LLC, has created a RTD Organic Energy Beverage brand called EnerBee® based on honey as a healthy, certified organic/non-GMO alternative to the current range of unhealthy energy beverages on the market. The caffeines, which are 100mg per can, are derived from our proprietary blend of Yerba Mate and Green Tea and provide a sustained, non-jittery, energy lift. EnerBee® has also been supplemented with Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Ginseng and B-Vitamins, and contains only 16g of sugar (primarily from the organic honey) and 80 calories per can. There are no synthetic caffeines, Taurine, or Guarana added. In addition, a portion of our proceeds are donated to groups involved in raising awareness of the plight of the honey bees, through our Honeybee Alliance.


Fresh Harvest logo

HoneySuckle Gelato

In the Summer of 2009, I talked my way into a dream job; making gelato under the tutelage of Jon Snyder, a legend in the business and owner of Il Laboratorio del Gelato. The “lab” was a 500 square foot madhouse that supplied the absolute finest product to hundreds of the top restaurants in New York City.

Each time I came back to Atlanta, I brought as much gelato as I could pack so my friends and family could taste some of our delightful creations. The more I brought home, the less I could keep up with the requests and before long I realized something had to be done. Every visit, I began making gelato in my parents’ kitchen. A true southern boy, I could not resist the temptation to play around with the flavors and desserts concepts unique to the South. The response I received was overwhelming; not only were people excited, they felt challenged to offer up unique flavor concepts, which only increased demand. A casual conversation with a long-time friend, and then another, was all it took to put everything in motion. Since then, Wes, Khatera, and I have honed our vision for Honeysuckle Gelato and can proudly say that we now offer the South exactly what we envisioned…an ice cream worthy of its decadent culinary roots.

We launched a food truck in 2011, which allowed us to try out hundreds of flavor combinations on thousands of customers all over the Atlanta area. In 2013 we retired the truck, but we’re doing our best to put all of the favorites into pints in your local grocer’s freezer.

Island spiced bakes & bites

“After I grew tired of the Entertainment industry and my Mum retired from Nursing after 30 years, we decided to take a chance on the foods, flavors and spices of our Virgin Islands and Antigua Caribbean heritage and start something of our own.  Island Spiced Bakes & Bites was born in the Fall of 2014 and we haven’t looked back.  With the motto: ‘Delicious sweet and savory treats with a Caribbean soul’, we’ve set upon to bring the Caribbean dishes we love into the mainstream with our unique touch.”        -Debra Brown, Owner



From the healthy snacks we make to the way we work, live and give back, our focus is on making the world a little kinder, one snack and act at a time (no arm-twisting here, promise). One simple belief underpins it all: There’s more to business than just profit.

This belief inspired us to start the KIND Movement – our mission to spread and celebrate kindness. Small act or big, we encourage it – from writing a thank you letter to someone who deserves it to volunteering with an organization you care about. Every day, our community (aka YOU!) brings us one step closer to our goal of making kindness a state of mind. Learn more here.


Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co.

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co. partners with farmers and local community leaders to develop the coffee into a sustainable income, pay a just Living Wage, and strive to further meet the needs of the people. When you buy Land of a Thousand Hills, you are receiving coffee that is 100% Arabica, fairly traded, and roasted fresh. Your excellent morning cup is offering hope to these developing coffee communities with each purchase. Drink Coffee. Do Good.®

Press Together Juice

Press Together was founded in 2013 right here in Atlanta, Georgia with a dedication to making the most delicious juice on the planet. Since our inception, we have always used 100% organic fruits and vegetables in our raw, cold-pressed concoctions. With clients like the Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Hawks, taste and see for yourself why others have found our juices so good for body, mind, and soul.


Revolution Donuts logo

We are a small family-owned and operated baking company; we opened our first brick and mortar shop in Decatur, Georgia on National Doughnut Day in 2012. Our goal is to revitalize the American doughnut – to help restore the doughnut to its former glory as a simple, tasty, hand-crafted treat.

The founder of Revolution Doughnuts, Maria Moore Riggs, fell in love with farm-to-table comfort food during a stint working in the kitchen at Emandal, a California family resort well known for delicious family-style meals made with ingredients sourced from the farm and its two acre organic garden. This experience ignited her passion for making and sharing good quality food and she has been baking ever since.

The word “Revolution” in our name refers to our dedication to hand-crafted food – to food made by people and not machines – to making all our doughs, glazes and fillings from scratch and using real food ingredients in our recipes: organic flour, local dairy, fresh fruit, natural flavor extracts, and 100% trans-fat free vegetable oil.


Suja logo

Suja, meaning long, beautiful life, embodies the promise that flows from the cold-pressured beverages it delivers in each and every bottle. Suja was founded by four diverse San Diegans from different walks of life that came together in the most unexpected of circumstances to form what is now the fastest growing organic, cold-pressured and Non-GMO beverage company in the U.S.. Suja’s story all began from a shared dream to help people everywhere transform their lives through conscious nutrition.


Thrive Farmers

A Costa Rican coffee farmer’s son, a struggling ex-lawyer turned coffee farmer and a successful entrepreneur are the unknowing characters whose roads connected in 2011 that created a partnership and the idea of making a difference in the coffee community. THRIVE Farmers worked first with small farmers in Costa Rica and then in Guatemala and Honduras. To bolster quality, increase quantity and to access processing infrastructure for small farmers, THRIVE Farmers partnered with larger scale producers and processors to position the company for future growth. Moving beyond internet sales, THRIVE Farmers began selling roasted coffee to Earth Fare, a supermarket chain based in Asheville, NC, and green coffee to the best independent, specialty-grade coffee roasters nationwide.


Tree House Milk

We founded Treehouse Milk in the summer of 2015. While we were both transitioning careers,  we came together through walks on the Beltline, a shared passion for our community,  and a desire to do something meaningful (and a little bit nutty).

As regular farmers market shoppers and organic food consumers, we were disappointed to find that there wasn’t a convenient, local, natural alternative to the watered-down and chemical-laden almond milk that we were buying at the store.  Once we got in the kitchen and started whipping up drinks (from deliciously pure almond milk to sweet Georgia pecan milk), we thought we might be on to something.

We look forward to bringing you, our Atlanta neighbors, the delights of the plant-based milk world coupled with the convenience of old-school milk delivery. — Bess Weyandt & Kate Carter

American Spirit Whiskey

After becoming friends at The University of Georgia, we found we shared a common love for whiskey. From Scotch and Irish Whiskey to Bourbon and Rye, we spent a great deal of time enjoying the company of friends while searching for clarity in Aqua Vitae. These experiences led us to what seemed the only logical step – creating our own whiskey (probably better to skip the details on how we did that, although fortunately, it included a lot of trial and error).

From these modest beginnings, we created a recipe for a smooth drinking and versatile whiskey that we think will change people’s minds about what a whiskey can be.  ASW is a non-distiller produced product made from our recipe in Charleston, South Carolina, that can stand on its own in a glass with a few rocks, can be used by a mixologist to create a sophisticated and complex cocktail, or can be pulled straight out of the liquor cabinet to make a great mixed drinkwithout a bunch of fuss.

Arches Brewing

Arches Brewing is a small-batch craft brewery located in Hapeville, GA, just minutes from the Atlanta Airport. Our focus is bringing the best of old-world and modern brewing practices together to deliver over 30 seasonally appropriate beers throughout the year. Our biochemist-brewmaster, Jamey Adams, brewed his first batch over ten years ago with the idea that beer could be made better through chemistry. We have a strong emphasis on classic and seasonal lagers, but also make many American styles along with several strong Belgians. We believe doing things the old way makes for a cleaner, more complex and balanced, delicious end result.   The name ArchesBrewing celebrates our long history as home brewers. Over the past decade, each recipe has been carefully developed, refined, and brewed under the four brick archesof Jamey’s 1920 Colonial-style home in East Point, GA. Our logo was inspired by two of our core values, simplicity and quality. Each pillar represents one of our five founders of Arches Brewing.


Urban Tree Cidery logo

Urban Tree Cidery is a true labor of love crafted by the Resuta Family. Tim and Maria were both certified as Master Cider Makers at the Cider and Perry Academy in Gloucestershire, England before founding Urban Tree out of Tim’s spirited passion for all things cider. Together they strive to produce ciders that reflect the beauty of the apple, the character of the land where they are grown, and the creative blending techniques that result in the delicate balance of subtle complexities.

For many years Maria and Tim have been interested in sustainable agriculture that creates a unique farm-to-table product. Being avid cider drinkers, they saw the rising popularity of hard cider consumption in the United States. Aware that the North Georgia Mountains are a major apple producing region, they turned their attention and focus to obtaining an orchard that produced the highest quality fruit. This is when the passion project known as Urban Tree Cidery began.



Old Fourth Distillery

We start with regionally grown sugar cane, a minimally refined turbinado. Our choice for this as our base was made for several reasons: it is non-GMO, renewable, environmentally sound, gluten and pesticide free. Also because we are located in an urban area we needed something we could convert to alcohol with no waste. Our only by-product is pure distilled water.

We process our vodka through our state of the art CARL still. CARL has been manufacturing distillation equipment for 130 years. Distilling our spirit 3 times gives us a neutral vodka with a hint of sweetness.


Taproom Coffee and Beer

Taproom Coffee is a specialty coffee and craft beer bar located in the historic Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta. We are dedicated to serving some of the best coffee in the world from partnering roaster Counter Culture Coffee and a selection of spectacular craft beer from breweries in Atlanta and elsewhere. Our pastries and other tasty food menu items are made fresh by Ratio Bakeshop in Decatur. Our location offers plenty of seating and free Wi-Fi, and serves as a community hub for events and connection. If cheers had a coffee shop, this would be it.