Nwandi Lawson is a familiar face to all TEDxPeachtree conference attendees. She emceed both conferences and will be coming back as the emcee of the 2011 conference! When she isn’t lending her considerable talents to TEDxPeachtree, Nwandi is the president and CEO of Reve Productions, a media production company that serves public broadcasting stations. For 13 seasons, she has produced and hosted “Lawmakers,” Georgia Public Broadcasting’s coverage of the Georgia legislature.

A native of San Francisco and former associate producer at CNN, Nwandi resonated with the spirit of TED. “Innovation is key to solving challenges facing all of humanity, including the ethical use of technology and biomedical advancement, sufficient food sources to prevent malnutrition and starvation, universal education for boys and girls, and diplomatic solutions to conflicts,” she said. “Sharing ideas ensures that best practices can come into widespread use.”

What does Nwandi say about her involvement with TEDxPeachtree?

“I have a front-row seat to learn about many of these innovations.”  Her favorite TED video is Jill Bolte Taylor’s “Stroke of Insight.”  “Using the principles of neuroscience and the personal anecdote of recovery from stroke, Dr. Taylor is able to make a case for the unity of all humanity.”

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  1. Ernie Hooks says:


    It has been several weeks since we last spoke at the cyber security seminar in Atlanta. I have two projects to discuss with you for production potential. When are you available for lunch or a phone contact? I have just finished my graduate course in Business Law with some new insights to share for media influence and impact. My attempt to reach you on linkedin did not materilize. Yet, I learned we are both Howardites. Looking forward to talk to you soon.

    Ernie Hooks, CEO The Lizzie Wilkerson Foundation,Inc.

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