The TEDxPeachtree team spoke with some of the upcoming speakers at TEDxPeachtree on Friday, Oct. 6, 2017 at the Rialto Center for the Arts to dig beneath the surface of their biographies. In this edition of Beyond the Bio, we spoke with Bill Nussey, the founder of the Freeing Energy Project. Here’s what we found:

Q: What was your favorite toy as a child? Looking back, how do you relate that to what you are doing now?

A: LEGOs! This happens to be the same model we’ll see in the future of energy – lots of simple parts that can be put together in an infinite variety of ways to meet the needs or the vision of each customer or community.

Q: When it comes to your mission of freeing energy, what super hero would you team up with to help you, and why?

A: Marvel’s Beast would be a good partner. A super-genius and a statesman, the Beast will pick a fight when necessary. And, of course, he is blue, which is a nice added touch.

Q: What would you be doing (career wise) if you weren’t doing what you are currently doing?

A: I was IBM’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy out of the headquarters in New York before I left the company to do what I’m doing now. The most straight forward thing for me to do be doing would be starting or running another venture capitalist funded company focused on marketing or enterprise solutions.

Q: If you could travel back in time and visit your younger self, what advice would you give him?

A:  I wrote a book for my kids about the things I learned growing up. It’s called The Nussey Principles for a Life Well Lived. It has 34 principles born from some of my most foundational experiences when I was their age.

For example, Principle number one is to make the world a better place. Other principles include: great adventures with great friends, make time to see the bigger picture, build things worthy of being built, and surround yourself with the best people you can find.

Q: Pick 3 songs that describe your journey in life.  Place them in order of Past, Present, and Future.


Past: Walk the Dinosaur, Was (Not Was)

Present: Indiana Jones theme song: Theme song from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Future: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves


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